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@keerthi_koch Oye How did you get badges?
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Please no one share the email IDs.. it only leads to spamming. I for one don't want my email Id to be made public!!
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My blog Lucky Murari's Blog here
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Logging in PG after more than a year!!
Converted C
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Thanks for the special mention.. I am honored..
I am seeing this message late. I actually did bad last MBA season.. Only convert is SIBM (WL.. I decided that I will put MBA in back-burner and continue with my Entrepreneurial interests.. So, I will pick up MBA dreams only if I don't succeed in...
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India's latent entrepreneurship potential lies untapped because of life skills that aren't taught and social expectations that aren't set right. By addressing these problems in India's bright youngsters through their curriculums, b-schools could lay the seed for innovative businesses that scale to become billion dollar compa...
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unflappable Loved the artcile and the discussion. i am an aspiring .... 28 Feb '11.
anuragbaveja Fab!. 20 Apr '11.
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How far ( in terms of time ) is SIBM from Pune (never been there)? I want to book my tickets accordingly.
PS: SNAP Score : 139.75 . Slot Feb 5th 9AM :((
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I did not write IIFT.. So, no info from me
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Sorry guys.. wasn't active on PG since my CAT FMS was a debacle, SNAP went well (and hence the return )
I cannot attend next meet too .. I am going on TATA Jagriti Yatra ( Homepage - Tata Jagriti Yatra - Awakening the entrepreneurial spirit ) and hence won't be in Hyd till CAT results :(...
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CAT Centre, Date and Slot: CBIT, Hyderabad 18th Nov 2010 , 330PM
1) How many attempts you have made? Don't rem :((( Approximate : QA-16/17 DI-14/15 VA-14/15
2) Your last mock score? If you are there at http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-and-related-discussion/cat-and-related-discussion/cat-a...
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