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Dear puys, sorry for the long, irrelevant post in this sacred thread. This is neither a success story nor an inspiring one too
Here I am, sitting like a fool at an Airport as I write this. Feeling devastated, demotivated & dejected to say the least with my CAT result consistently for the 4th ...
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Love_CAT @bhargav.nitc it is the last testing phase for you befor.... 57m.
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My results(19 th Oct 2nd slot):- Quant and DI- Score 137 Percentile 97.43 (Attempts - approx 20) Verbal and Logical- Score 144 Percentile 98.88 (Attempts - approx 24) Overall:- 99.28Paper :- I found my slot tough. Both quants and verbal. The number of sitters were the least in any online CAT that...
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Love_CAT Sure @Lelouch. welcome to the retired club.. . 10h.
Love_CAT convert fms :) . 10h.
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Puys.. Pls throw some light on SBI Scholar loans. I want to know the time it takes to process the scholar loan. Also, is the presence of parent/guardian necessary for signing documents et al..??
Love_CAT We have discussed in detail. Search in this thread.. 21h.
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Hey, I have got the DD of Rs 10,000 made for the w/l of IIFT-Kolkata.
1) Which address should I send it too?
2) How are the authorities supposed to know that the DD has been sent by me? Considering we are not supposed to write anything on the back side of the DD and not give any other docum...
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Love_CAT Write you name on the back of the DD and mention your rol.... 21h.
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I was sleeping.... got a call.... woke up half heartedly..... checked the link.... and I cried.... I cried and I cried and I cried..... 3 long years - 3 insanely immoderately long years.... what I havent given up.... what I havent sacrificed.....and finally it all came to fruition......
My si...
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pratskool Congrats !!!!!. 1d.
kumar.kishlay777 congrats. 1d.
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Congrats you Jokar..take a bow @techsurge
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ayushnasa Congrats @techsurge :D . 2d.
pagal2013 Congrats @techsurge. 2d.
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Last year I met a girl at Pagalguy named Ankita Agarwal. I was very fascinated by her cheerful attitude ,her encouraging thoughts towards life and very down to earth persona .Last year was not good for both of us .We had beliefs in each other .I was crazy for MICA and she was made for IIM-A .What conversation we had is in scr...
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Love_CAT awesomeness. 3d.
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All the crazy rejects have to come to a grinding halt to let me get into this eternal dream... I'm going to be a proud student of IIM A....!
Shouldn't forget all the support of @visionIIM-ACL n DT members who have helped me a lot...!Congrats to our captain and all the members who made it...!...
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harshavardhan89 thanks guys.. its heartening to see a lot of people follo.... 2d.
parul154 Congratulations Man..!!! Totally deserving! :D . 2d.
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sorry for diverging from all the negativity........but can i know the kind of profiles that were shortlisted for the summer placements in wto geneva, and just asking for the sake of it, were students from both D&K; eligible for it?
Love_CAT Ping your query to www.facebook.com/nitika.gupta.393?fref.... 4d.
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I see some interesting questions were asked by Shivam,I would like to answer them.1.People with better composite scores get into IIFT D and those with lesser scores get into IIFT K. If both are same, then why segregate people on this basis? i)This is what I call perception. Most of us must have...
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Love_CAT As Saquib mentioned IIFT Kolkata students attend through .... 5d.