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Hi Anurag,
Could you pls tel me the best UK colleges Tier 1 and their entry requirements for the MBA.
Also, wanted to know if there are any sites on which i can take practice gmat tests , i dont mind paying a small amount for the same.
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Ex: 6yrs IT (MNC)
Int exp: 2 yrs
Acads: 83% in SSC and HSC 75% in Engg
GMAT: Yet to write
Toefl: 108
1. Glasgow
Univ of Lancaster and Strathclyde are waiting for my GMAT.
My confusion is
'Will it be good to write GMAT in hurry and try getting a scor...
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I am interested in discussions related to gmat and contribute to the study grp. Pls PM me or let me know if there are any other planned meets or discussions online...
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Hello folks,
Can someone tell me pros and cons of an Executive MBA from say top 20 univs in USA. How would it bode when compared with normal MBA from the same university.
Comparisons w.r.t
1. Total costs ( incl fees and others)
2. Programme quality
3. Job profiles post the MBA
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hi guys
i know this is kinda late request for materials and question papers. Still
if someone in Hyderabad is interested to pass on their legacy to me i will be more than happy
to take it and utilise it.
Also anyone has soft copies please post them on this link so that the needy...
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hi friends
i am going to write CAT for the first time and i am pretty sure that i will join ur group soon. So this is an advance post for next year. i have gone thru this thread and have really been inspried by all the great immortals over here. And only beacause of u guys have i deci...
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thnks ninja for ur advice i sure will look into other links.
i jus thought some one might just have the ans as everybody is preparin and so they
should have some papers .
thats all .
thnks for the help
take care
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hi friends
by the grace of c21 i have the question paper of cat2004 can someone please post the answers for cat04 so that i can solve and test myself.
C21 please post the answers for that diaganostic paper please.
waiting for an +ve response soon
truly urs
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I am not able to access the link . i guess its not linked properly. Can u please try again.
i am eagarly waiting to try it out.
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hi friends
i am going to give CAT for first time and i too am going to join u guys in ur quest for taming the cat.
First of all i need to evaluate myself. i havent joined any courses . If some one can atttach CAT 2004 paper with answers and percentile calculation , i would atempt a...