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I have IMS simcats + some IMS ACT's and a question bank of about 300 awesome questions given by a well known coaching center in bangalore. anyone from bangalore interested pls pm me .
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i have career forum material + ims sim cats + a whole lot of assorted stuff for cat prep - all cat 04 stuff.
anyone interested from bangalore, pm me.
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me came to know of it through friend after CAT - 04 was over.. . still better late than never. practically addicted to this site now, need to see it atleast once a day. PG ROCKS!!
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call them up. i have been hearing conflicting reports on whether they will courier the receipts or not. to some other ppl they said they will courier it, to me they said they wont. not sure.. also everyone who is not yet a member of yahoogrps for NMIMS 2005-07 , here is the link.
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ok its pretty clear from achan's post that we need separate drafts . great info achan. thanks. but sayan i am not clear that if we have to go there by ourselves then why have they said in the admission letter, that they are not responsible for postal delays etc. does taht mean we can submit by co...
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its says that guys who are selected in first list , have to pay by 16th april.
now i am really confused about the amount we have to pay in the first instalment.
do we have to pay only tution or tution + laptop + residential?
Vaibhav, need ur help!!!
also it says that the cost for res...
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me got thru
only call and only convert
written - 89.12
GD - 14.5
PI - 43
Work Ex - 15 ( 20 months exp in IT)
total - 161. 62, rank 189
congrats to all who have made it and ppl from bangalore who have made it , pls PM me. maybe we all can meet up or smth before joining
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The three worst movies I have seen
1) Kull the conqueror - some vague movie which has come on HBO a dozen times
2) Rudraksh
3) The Hulk
But on the bright side, rudraksh is good comedy, albeit unintentional.
The Hulk on the other hand is partly responsible for my balding... tore m...
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NOT TAT I MIND THIS THREAD, very informative in fact; but this has become a comparison thread. how come comparison threads are being allowed for Tier 1 instis but not for tier 2 instis like tapmi and nmims?
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same here man, every hour feels like a day.