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Mousetrap turned out to be a bigggg trap :D....
and more so cause they had everyone's full time for about 2-3 days..
and some new links up now...
IIM L- Manfest - www.iimlmanfest.com
And seems ISB poseidon..( pardon my spelling)...:D, is around the corner....
Ciao, and be...
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hey guys,
Cool, but would have been much better if you could put up the website links as well
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So the B-school placement season got kicked off in a royal way.
keep 'em coming guys
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Hi all,
Its again that time of the year when there is just one thing on the mind of all B-Schholers- CV points and yups, the B-school fests which grants you these veritable boons. Its the unofficial rankings used by B-schoolers every yr. Since -it benefits everyone, not much fudging happens an...
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hi pg'ites,
Just noticed that we dint have any activity in the iim c thread...
in between sleeping in the class and gaming in the lan,its very difficut to balance life....
some say they have started setting alarms in mobile phones so that they can sleep in class,rest during the breaks ...
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hello ,
well,,,long time since i had put up any postings here.well,,May be thats what C makes u,,,lazier and lazier,
here as others have written,,no wonder they call the campus chilled,,,its really chilled with all those chilled bears , ,
and now finally,with exams round the corner,w...
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hello friends,
one of my freinds got through pgdm of Nicmar, pune,,,
well,NIcmar seems to be famous for construction management,,and this is the first batch of PGDM that they r starting,what do u think of the prospects of this course,,,it would be very helpful if some one could throw some l...
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is it the sign of calcutta standards going down???? ,
anyway,,,,here i stand beside the lakes,,,,,
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hello friends
here goes my profile...
12th-70%,,,with an absymmally low 35/100 in maths,,seems like the panel at c and i missed that out
engg-automobile @karnataka,thank god i dint havehave to say bout my college at the interviews,but the college is sjmit,chitradurga,,,
19 18
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got through i,
good interview and good gd,,,expected the call anyway,
proves that the lazy ones too get through
had 99.92 percentile
best of luck for every6 1