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hey...anyone here for discuusion????
lay_man bohat hai yaar Punjab ch. 19 Mar.
lay_man replied to (16 Feb) - Happy Birthday rani_das
happy birthday
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Dear @ashoo456
A Fellow Indian
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ScareCrow28 @sandeepkacharya Bhai kismat se zaada aur time se pehle .... 29 Jan.
sandeepkacharya @ScareCrow28 kya pta bhai tumhari kismat me likha ho, tu.... 29 Jan.
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What do you fear the most? So Many things cannot list out all , few are mentioned below:1.I am scared of getting married to a stupid guy ( which I guess I will )-> disclaimer : Did not mean all guys are stupid 2.Thought of not able to make into a good college for MBA3.Disappoint my DAD
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lay_man hmmmmmm chlo @pathetic sone laga hu ab aate rehna ab .... 23 Jan.
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abhi result to nai aaya he phir bhi........having some doubts regarding specialist officer(AO),,,plz calrify anybody1.what r the future prospects of a newly joined AO.2.what and when promotions.3.posting places.4.gazetted or non gazetted post.5.can we get time to study for other exams.6.transfer ...
lay_man jitna apni salary se cut hota hai utna hi govt deti hai...... 10 Jan.
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lay_man @nexus.anonymous bhai kaha ho . 14 Dec '13.
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Muje koi ye batao ki NICL me GA me kya padhana thik hoga... LUCENT chalegi ya fir kuch aur bhi karna padega ???? guide me if u have any idea....
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lay_man hmmm dekhte hai.. subah office b jana hai :P chalo G.... 09 Dec '13.
lay_man @nexus.anonymous ha bhai... :P . 09 Dec '13.
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Puys, when will be CHSL'13 result will be declared? eagerly waiting..
biswa_cgle in january or at most feb. 2014. 03 Dec '13.
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30th November ...
Well! I had this Question for quite sometime now.
In past decade, Social Network has arguably been The most important invention.
We live in a world of FBs and WhatsApps, still what makes PG different from others?
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lay_man Well well well... You know that i was not of FB but my o.... 01 Dec '13.
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hey everyone i m tensed about one thing
my result came last year on 8 aug 2012
nd acc to fci the result shud cum before 1 aug 2012
wud i be allowed to give cpt???
@coolparul007 @inderb9 @alkoszzz @ff @vaibhav33 @Iori_Yagami nd everybody plzz replyyy
lay_man @manni0612 bhai tu FORE se phad ke FCI me jayega? are .... 23 Oct '13.
lay_man bhai SSC ki date yahi rehti hai.. either 1 August or 1 J.... 23 Oct '13.