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Count me in this time
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Dear Sir,
I have just completed my graduation and have started working with a leading management consulting. I have a few questions to ask:
1) Am i still eligible for YLP?2) If I apply for deferred admission, what all factors would be taken into consideration while judging my candidature? W...
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@[562370:chetso]: Thanks for reverting back.
Since I am new in this league, could you please quote a range of GMAT scores that ISB has accepted till date?
Moreover, I have already graduated this year. Is YLP still open to me?
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Hi Puys,
I was wondering if I could get some info regarding deferred admission into ISB?
I've just completed my graduation and have landed myself into a job in a leading management consulting. Please let me know all the relevant details. Is there any means from which we can get out profile ...
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Captcha daal daal ke jaan nikal gai. :/
2 2
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Should be 5.
3^5/22 becomes one and hence 3^3/22 it should be.
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Arre bhai log,
8C2 kyun aaya? Koi please explain kardo
1 1
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Ranked 16th among US business schools by BusinessWeek, University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School is popular among Indian applicants and accepts a median GMAT score of 690 for its MBA class of 298 seats. PaGaLGuY interviews Sherry Wallace, director of MBA admissions to learn about the post-MBA job market i...
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Kunal21 Just a small question, Bcom type degrees include 3 year B.... 12 Apr '12.
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Satish Chandra Buriuly, student, IIM Ranchi class of 2012 You could call this a different kind of 'rags to riches' story. Only, there were no rags and there are no riches either. Satish Chandra Buriuly's story is about how a commonplace person from a tribal area in India can start making it big and compete with the rest...
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GunajitMazumdar this story will motivate those students who has high goal.... 18 May '12.
tani90 A brilliant example of how any one can do it. A salute to.... 23 May '12.
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Hi, Just wanted a quick check on how can you apply in top 15 US B-Schools with a 3 year Indian degree? Most of the univs in US demand a 4 year US equivalent i.e a 4 year Indian degree or a 3 years bachelors + 2 years masters.
Wouldn't you face any hindrance due to this?
How do you plan to b...