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Concept, illustrations and graphics by Deepak Gopalakrishnan aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaiker who blogs here and tweets here.
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check.mate Yes, Chuck did it again!. 30 Jun '11.
vadaysakiv lol. 29 Aug '12.
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For me also In the column for 12th Board a number was displayed in the final submission page, even though I selected Kerala Board.I dont think its an error.
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The days since the last weekend have seen a flurry of activity among Common Admissions Test (CAT) candidates trying to peep into what seemed like their CAT 2010 results. Many claimed to have got their CAT 2010 scorecards from the CAT website a good 10 days before January 12, 2011, the official date of CAT results. This has ...
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TheRetard so the guy teaching us ethics. beautiful. though i did no.... 15 Jan '11.
i_mean_business hdeu. 28 Feb '11.
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Congratz to all Call Getters
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Image courtesy Muthuraja XAT 2011 managed to spring a surprise and how. Five minutes into the test and all prep work meant nothing. Read below for what the first comments were like For 20 mins I was trying to guess whether there is any option which says 'Cannot be solved'. The most absurd the most weird and the toughest ...
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tushar_acharya the conjecture floating around this time was dat the cutt.... 27 Jan '11.
maximillian Prabhu aap Mahan ho! I read this article on 3rd Januar.... 28 Jan '11.