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khattri replied to How did you get to know about PG forums ?
i asked google devta for cat preparation tips and bang on it showed PG I looked around and found the site more constructivly social, thus joined it
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its ok to be depressed somtyms, if u use this emotion to sit and sort wats not making u comfortable.....and eliminate it with positive action.... really insightful depressions can be to uplift the understanding of oneself. and yes, who has time to listen to others when we r not even listening to ...
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HIE i am preeti khattri preparing for cat 11.
Education and Work Ex Background: final year (in next 2 months) btech mechanical engg from DIT, Dehradun,
no full time job record
Current Occupation: student surfing through PG.
Why on PG? cant find anybody motivated around me to pep ...
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this is so spooky?? why is everything dated so old! where am i??
hellozz team :)
i am preeti khattri and i am still lost in this forum!
i ll be ringing cat for the first time in 2011 and looking for the planning strategies for it. how to go about pagalguy helps and gyaan dhaara??