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Guys, sorry was out of touch for a long time. Just came to know from a friend of mine in Manhattan Review that, Manhattan Review is sponsoring the very first ISB info session for the year 2009 at the ISB campus.
I have a lot to be thankful to Manhattan Review because of what I gained from them...
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My 2 cents. No institute is best when it comes to helping a person get a good score. I think it depends on who the faculty is and how much we are able to squeeze out of the faculty and then go back and practice.
So looking at the results they are pretty good as this I think is the 6th 700+ sco...
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I have an extra copy of the Manhattan Review's sentence correction guide. If u want to, u can take that from me. Free of course. It is quite good and I am sure for verbal any extra material we can get helps.
Let me know
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Hi Axe man
I am not sure how effective taking just the tests would be. Because I have enrolled with Manhattan Review a little while back and the going is good. Scoring 650+ consistently. I know it would have sounded better if I said 700+ but considering from where I started I am happy with the...
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Hey Guys
I was at a demo session at Manhattan Review in their Himayatnagar center. I was pretty impressed to see that they have three 700+ scorers in the last 3 months that they have been here.
I am an Engineer and a Skeptic, so I asked them to show me proofs that this is true. And sure eno...