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I m so happy. I am in IIM C.
Thank You GOD
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Seniors, I have sent the mail to nishant.kumar@dmsiitd.org with attachment of my XLRI letter. Please help. I have to book tickets to and from Delhi. Keen not to miss out on IIT D or XLRI.
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Tarique involved in fieldwork Tarique Mohammed Quereshi, a graduate of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai is passionate about beggars! Nothing moves him more than seeing a beggar child shivering in the cold and scrounging for alms at traffic signals. You or I might shoo away such a child but Tarique woul...
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purvavj Stunned !!!! Utter Respect !! In India, it's not the poli.... 09 Mar '12.
simplycool7 well done sir...... 27 Dec '12.
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(Photo credit: Michael Gallacher) I guess my first fascination with problems of Time, Speed and Distance began when I first watch a film called Henna. An important portion of the plot, if you can call it that, had Rishi Kapoor floating from India to Pakistan in a river without drowning. I remember arguing with my friends t...
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earth21 @ravihanda : please explain how to calculate the squarer.... 02 Sep '13.
MalavikaM sir thank you !. 11 Sep '13.