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@kaurocks i have converted both scms and bimm,now i am in a dilemma as to which clg shud i select as per ROI,what do u think which one is better
kaurocks frankly speaking dude bimm is way better than scms. dont.... 13 Mar '13.
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am in PGDM ...hope to see u there ..
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My CAT score was below avg ..with this score i finally managed to convert KIAMS, IPE hyderabad & IISWBM..
but in IISWBM they selected me for their MHRM course..
finally am joining IPE pgdm ..
but yesterday got a mail from ITM nagpur..now they selected me ..
i came to know that ITM nag...
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infra is good ..faculty is excellent .
for 2008-2010 batch placements was good..avg around 4.2 lpa
this yr placements procedure is still going on ..bout 75% students got placed till now.. avg 4.5 lpa
(the figures are for PGDM only) don't have much idea about those sectoral courses ..
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why r u posting these in this thread ??
no one asked u to give ur feedbacks here & there bout ur college..
wats the reason behind it ?? may be u r trying to promote ur college..
nice way i must say !!
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yeah dude ..do sum research work before commenting here ..
if possible read few threads here ..that might work for u ..
sum1 asked bout those mat colgs in mumbai & u r suggesting most of the CAT based colgs ..
& u r asking ppl tp apply FMS with mat score ..
& putting xyz colg in the l...
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Why on earth did balaji have to bowl a full toss? Couldnt he have bowled a similar beauty that castled pollard?
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yeah..deejaygr8 is right !!
& frankly speaking during job its hardly matters which b'school u r from ..
there is no such preferences ..
everything gonna depend upon ur own potential & ability ..
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there is no such issues in SCMS dude..don't spread rumors ..
but generally during placements all highest packages bagged by those students with work-exp ..its also not an issue coz these cases are almost common in most b'school ..
yeah..its a bit too risky to wait for BIMM..
donno w...
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long run me to sirf IIM ka hi brand value kaam aata hain..
MAT colg ke brand value future me kaam aane ka sawal hi vul jao dude ..