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All the very best guys... Somehow after years I bumped into PG.. Lotsa friends.. Lotsa memories I have.. I was in the same team I am more than 100% sure you guys gonna BELL the CAT..
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Posting after ages..
Welcome incoming Futchhas
Will meet those of u who are in Bangalore..
Gusshow !!
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Well Well Anirban...The futchaas are having a Ball of a time ( in tucchas' words) with 5 tests in 4 days. You really dont get to know when u run out of time.
The talk by Mr Sunil Handa was fantabulous and I suppose there are many more glimpses we gonna see of the WIMWI campus.
Got to catch ...
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A small update which might help everyone...
If you want a confirmation whether your draft has been received at the admissions office.
Just call the admissions office. They would ask for the application number and answer the query.
The adcom office people are really good and entertain you...
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I think You have opened two threads with the same name..
@ MODS Please close one of them!!!!
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Hey Puys,
First of all A big thanks to the Almighty and to you PUYS for making it possible for me to post in the thread.
My profile -
Xth - 90% (CBSE)
XIIth - 88% (CBSE)
Graduation - 71% ( NIT Durgapur)
Work Experience - 28 months (Capgemini, Pune.)
Extra\Co cu...
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Hi friends!!
Joining IIM A
Working in Capgemini, Pune
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Hey Dude!!
U from guwahati.. same here .. u joining IIM C.. which college!!!
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Heyy Dude!!
I m not from any IIT, But m joining IIM A. I did not get thru IIT after a lot of hard work couple of years back. I joined an NIT instead. All my best friends have made it to IITs. But I am happy for them. After all they are my friends.
Last Year I had 3 final selections in one o...
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Just an update from my side.
This might help the waitlisted guys..
I am not joining IIFT as I have converted some other calls.
All the best Puys