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After I took over Human Resources in my company (and I work for an investment bank so that happens to be a to-join company for many) I realised how many placement committees think it is easy to take recruiters out for a ride. Oh, the horror.Let's take an example. XYZ University is a well-known brand, runs a few b-schools, som...
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Bebop 1. Satisfy the Ego of the HR person. 26 Nov '13.
Bebop 2. Even if he calls you 'Dude' you just keep addressing h.... 26 Nov '13.
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how can he go blindly on a stranger's advice...you need to put some facts before making such ambiguous statements...
I am neither saying IIT K is great or IIT madras is bad ...But try to put some facts rather than blindly giving blind advice...
PS:I might sound rude but please my dear frien...
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What is " No Objection/relieving Certificate from Employer"
why would i even ask for one(from my employer) when i am applying for a b school to conform an admit or for joining the program that would be needed ..is it required even when i apply :O....
and what does " All Work Experience Cer...
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duplicate sorry
kalluriravi replied to [2011] Which B schools should you apply to?
I got a a OA of 95.5 with both the sec @93.5,
10,12,b.tech ---82,87,68 respectively...
Have 42 months of work ex (IT).
Have applied to NITIE ,FMS ..
Any chances of IIT B ,D ...
I am going to apply for IIT kpg,M,K.,IMT-G...
Also is there any other college i can apply now????
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Pic by Soubhik Chatterjee The Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM-C) is thinking of drawing in corporates and its alumni base to seek funds for completing some of its infrastructure projects. According to sources, it was at a meeting held at the Chennai Chapter of IIM-C Alumni Association, a few weeks ago, that th...
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mjp1618 @rayman: You should perhaps not spend any more time in su.... 12 Nov '11.
manish_mandiwal guys don't go one person's perspective ... for me IIMC is.... 16 Nov '11.
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IRCTC is one site thats used alll through the year and it been there for what more than 5 years now ....but it still hangs....
I think Prometric is doing a wonderful job......
I completed my process in 20-30 min as mentioned in the site.
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A right to information (RTI) query by an activist in Andhra Pradesh has revealed that both, the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIMA) and Prometric were supposed to 'ensure inclusive transition to take care of low-skilled computer applicants.' This was one of the crucial points discussed at a meeting between ...
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kalluriravi @ThinkAce I was all the while thinking that the one of t.... 22 Jul '11.
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This is pretty useful....
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Here is one for me .....
Name:Kalluri Ravi Kumar
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