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Add me too...i am planning to write in mid july..
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Please tell me where to get Spideys notes .
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Here my score..i came out of 30 mid range...
Section Attempted Correct Wrong Score
QA 19 15 4 13.67When i stop making silly mistakes
DI 14 13 1 12.67
EU 23 18 5 16.33
Total 56 ...
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I could not get your explanation of question 1. please explain how you form the equation..." x/(20+x) = (20-x)/x--> this equation is derived from above explaination."
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Last Aimcats are always hard...it may cause a negative effect on the aspirant..some even suggest "who are in IIMs" not to give last Aimcats...
just focus on your preparations...
So take it eAsy...
All the Best:grab:
juvenile replied to The TIME of IMS to listen and learn!
I agree with you...
Well i was a student of IMS test series last year...
I am a regular student of TIME ...joinned CL test series also...
In one statement I say "TIME is realistic and maintains standard"..
Anyway it depends upon person to person...
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Hi Puys,
Contender,orca,ananadv ..thats Good score..good
When will i score such good scores?
I have given MOcks MCT 1,2,3,4 but my performance in all the tests lies in between 40-43.
Now I am planning to write CRTS in the November first week and NO MOCKS
other than AIMCATS in octob...
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Exactly same case here....
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PG Meet.I missed it :-(
anandv when was it planned ?...is there any PG Meet in coming weekend..
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Thanks buddy...you made me realised my mistakes.I will definitely work to improve...EU is really my weak area...:huh:..
All The Best buddy...