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What are the toughest subjects to do your PhD and what are the easiest ones?
Valencia & all subjects are equally easy , but having said tha.... 10 Jul '13.
Adymos There is nothing like easy and tough. Its all individual .... 13 Jul '13.
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Does anybody have any idea about PhD program at NITIE? How good it is and how to go about the research topic for the beginners? ( I aim to do my PhD in economics)
PhoenixScribe I am also interested in PhD in economics but right nw I d.... 08 Jul '13.
Adymos Go thru the website find out the way the PhD program is s.... 13 Jul '13.
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Why does one do a FPM/PhD? is it because of one's research orientation or for the fact that he/she loves to teach the particular subject? I generally want to know the peoples opinion here as I am in the same boat as of you guys and not able to decide whether I am here for my love of teaching or f...
Valencia It is a good question considering the fact that you have .... 02 Jul '13.
sb29 Mix of the two. While in the program, you discover what y.... 06 Jul '13.
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The days since the last weekend have seen a flurry of activity among Common Admissions Test (CAT) candidates trying to peep into what seemed like their CAT 2010 results. Many claimed to have got their CAT 2010 scorecards from the CAT website a good 10 days before January 12, 2011, the official date of CAT results. This has ...
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TheRetard so the guy teaching us ethics. beautiful. though i did no.... 15 Jan '11.
i_mean_business hdeu. 28 Feb '11.
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Prometric, the testing agency entrusted with conducting the Common Admissions Test (CAT) today announced two companies --- MeritTrac Services Pvt Ltd and Everonn Education Ltd --- as its on-ground partners for CAT 2010. Both companies replace NIIT which participated in CAT 2009. "Everonn is an existing test delivery partner o...
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sumit.kharb @ekansh : u r correct that CAT is probably seeking to cop.... 26 Aug '10.
ekanshtiwari @ Sumit.Kharb Test Run for CAT can only be in actual c.... 27 Aug '10.
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Hi all, this is Rohan..though following PG from a long time, but posting here for the first time..done my B. tech from IITR in Elec Engg.....
job ex-12 months
messed up big time at college level(so not gonna reveal my gpa)..
all the best to u all guys..cya