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Hey Puys,
Me got an admit for Nov 2011 intake in GLSCM. I am opting for this year. Neone with me?? PM me...
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Again a screwed up performance!!!...
sec 1:16A-9C-7W = 20 ..No matter how hard i try to work on quant areas, the score has never really moved up.. inFact its moving down with every passing aimcat!!!!
sec 2:28A-12C-16W = 20..Gotta improve my accuracy here..
Cant understand what to do!!!!
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Count Me in!!!
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My take on the listed idioms:
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Aagh..A real bad test...
S1- 18 (c10 w12)
S2- 26 (c14 w16) (VA was my strength) :(
Screwed up big time!! last Aimcat 1214 was good..got 40 in VA.
Dont know where i screwed up!!!
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Thats the way cookie crumbles : That's how the things happen....
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Name: Amit
Academic Qualifications: B.E. Civil
CAT Attempts, if any (Year/Percentile):None
Coaching joined, if any:Did TIME last year. No plans for this yr.
Something about yourself:Hi Puys. This is my first attempt for CAT this year. If u puys could suggest me some good boks for ...
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Pardon by ignorance but what is OG?
Btw I am Amit here from mumbai..targeting 2012-13. What gmat score should be targeted?
My profile is B.E. Civil from Mumbai Uni and having Work ex of 1.5 years in Oil-gas offshore construction.
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wrote the aimcat 1122 on sunday. Last slot...:)
here is my summary
Number of questions 60
Total attempts 21
Total correct 15
Total wrong 6
Net score 39.00
Horrible score...donno wats the percentile...60-70 maybbe...
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Education B.E Civil from Sardar Patel College of Engineering.
Work Ex Background: Fresher
Current Occupation: GET in Leighton Contractors (India) Pvt Ltd.
Why on PG? To give a boost to my career.
Specifically looking for what on PG? Mba in Opreations or Finance.
Aim for next one ye...