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In Rajasthan, Chhavi Rajawat is known as the MBA sarpanch. In Soda, a village three hours away from Jaipur, where she is sarpanch, she is called sarpanch beti. The corporate world knows her as someone who bid good-bye to a high-paying job and promising career in 2010 to become a sarpanch. Those who see her for the first t...
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a_a_t_i_f i wish more people follow her footsteps :) . 12 Jun '12.
knk Hats off for the Lady!!. 09 Sep '12.
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Back on PG after a long time....Voting for sakshi_kukreja ..
Just a favour to an old friend..
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Happy Birthday Neha !! Have a great year ahead.
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I have seen accenture offering supply chain consultant profile...so what exactly is the profile/work of SCM guy in an IT company..?
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The rest of you will find yourself in the MIIs, XLRUS, SJ Pains or FMLs by the end of the season. Good luck to all! Concept, illustrations and graphics by Deepak Gopalakrishnan aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaiker who blogs here and tweets here.
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bhar.anirban5 Hilarious man!! Too good!!. 02 Sep '11.
Ankita2589 I find this one to be THE best!. 03 Apr '12.
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Two significant investments related to Indian business education were announced in the last ten days. Here is a brief roundup. 1. Great Lakes expands beyond Chennai in partnership with Educomp Not wanting to be left behind the ISB, IMT or IMI franchises in creating a national footprint, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Ch...
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magnum_rahul It's really funny to see 'MBA' aspirants, cry foul about .... 20 Dec '11.
theniceguy I have studied from Byju's video lectures. They should pu.... 17 May '12.
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Name: Sajal
College Name : NITIE
Specialization ( if applicable) : Not decided as of now
Additional comments: Enjoying last days in office (high concentration of babes..)
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(Photo credit: Hriddhi Doley) The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta finished its placements for the PGDM and PGDCM classes of 2011 with 464 offers for a total strength of 381 students. According to the school's placement cell, a total of 129 companies made offers during the placements process that lasted 5 day...
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askrahul @sanestorm yeah they need to go somewhere else and fight..... 02 Jun '11.
nkme2007 Can I know how much valuable an MBA (Finance & Bankin.... 19 Aug '12.
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Which network has better coverage in campus Airtel/Vodafone..
Need to change accordingly....want to avail corporate plan before leaving the company...
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I wish I were younger...umar hoti jaa rahi hai...par dil jawaan hai...
Want to rip it apart left right center...for once in my life....:drinking::drinking:
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