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Ya buddy the answer is correct but, can you please tell me why u did 51^52 mod 10 ??
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Hi Friends,
Please tell me method to find the remainder when 50^51^52 is divided by 11?
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seniors pls. reply to this..............
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Guys I have sent the printout of CAT scorecard but forgot to write the NITIE application number on the it. Would it be a problem or Do I have to send it again?
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The ans. is 15 min. bcos now the train covers 60 km in 1 hour with the speed of 80 km/hr............so 60/80=3/4.............that means for 3/4 hr..it travels at 80 km/hr and then stops for (1/4)hr i.e 15 mins............hope it makes sense.
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Guys I am sticking my neck out on this but I feel 35 marks could fetch 93%ile plus.So myscoresucks ur dosent sucks and have reasonably good chance for FORE.(but ur EU score can be a hurdle)
Do tell us where u got calls from.
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Guys while fillin the form I wrote my name first but were asked to fill the surname first so should i erase it using white marker or send it as it is.