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jishnu.royc No it's the other way round. 03 May '13.
jishnu.royc @Hell0_w0rld  I one word, Yes I was quite satisfied with .... 03 May '13.
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Hi, I am waitlisted at 4...can you please provide an informal confirmation that there will atleast be a single waitlist movt? IITM will be giving last date of draft submission on 17th May and IITKgp will provide further info on wait list movt on 15th May...So i will get only 2 days to send the...
jishnu.royc It is as good as a convert dude. Cheers! :) . 03 May '13.
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what is the refund policy at VGSOM ?
Hell0_w0rld They've been moved to gen wl becoz their score and perfor.... 04 May '13.
vivek231 nope they will be considered for both gen and obc seats. 04 May '13.
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Should we write anything at the back of DD...
jishnu.royc it would be good if you write your name and cat registrat.... 03 May '13.
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When Will the classes start ? I will have to put my papers in office accordingly..
jishnu.royc Normally the classes start in 2nd or 3rd week of July. I .... 03 May '13.
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Ankur Kumar of Wharton ( Photo: Wharton ) In a quick Q&A; with PaGaLGuY, Wharton's admissions director Ankur Kumar talks about the new curriculum at Wharton, the move to eliminate alumni from admission interviews and the school's approach to the new GMAT. Could you descri...
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jishnu.royc No questions about financial aid :( That was quite dis.... 28 Jun '12.
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Dr Gautam Sinha, due to take over as director of IIM Kashipur The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) at Kashipur, which had started out in 2011, finally has its first director in Dr Gautam Sinha. In the first interview with a media after being named for the position, the director-appointee explains his plans for one of th...
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jishnu.royc Gautam Sir at his candid best - "But let us be very objec.... 18 Apr '12.
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Concept, illustrations and graphics by Deepak Gopalakrishnan aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaiker who blogs here and tweets here.
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learnenglish :) really very nice post .. 09 Mar '12.
jatsun2cool is that them bronies pony's ? the meme ???. 10 Mar '12.
jishnu.royc replied to GD/PI Shortlist,VGSOM,IIT Kharagpur [2012-2014]
Yours must be a marginal case Harish. As I see it u might just have missed out on one of the two factors - CAT score of 95.10 and/or 13 months of work ex.
A tad bit more in either of the two must have landed u with a call.
The seniors here at VGSOM are also sad to see brilliant people missi...
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You have an excellent CAT score. And this must have fetched u several calls. So congrats and ATB for those !!
But in VGSOM's case the reason for not getting shortlisted is clear - "Comparatively low" marks in XII and BE.
When I say comparative, its actually the relative rank of ur XII and ...
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