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what will be covered in general mental ability?? will it means only quantitative or reasoning & English also included.
jasshu7 Yes may be included. 30 Jul '13.
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It is on par with IAS/UGC NET JRF standard.. Assistant labour commissioner is under central labour service, eqaul to Indian economic service and indian engineering service...
jasshu7 Its on par with CSAT - IAS and IES Paper. it will cover .... 26 Jul '13.
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Hi have center at Saveetha engineerig college. please guide me the route as am from bangalore. guide me from cehnnai central.
librandeeps ok wt time u reach chennai ..Do temme. 26 Jul '13.
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We all have been mildly aware of the fact that an increasing number of MBA graduates are choosing to work for the non-profit sector, either as entrepreneurs or employees of organizations driven more by the need for social good and not commercial profit. We came across one such rather unique and refreshing instance of a ventur...
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Anonymous hurry this time applications are closing on the 22nd. ..s.... 20 Jan '12.
aishu2589 Hi..I have applied for TFI fellowship program.. and have .... 12 Mar '13.