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I will advise you to take the attested copies with you. Administration at NITIE will provide you all the assistance you can think of. Don't worry they will ask you to submit left over documents at the time of admission. :cheers:
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Institute of Rural Management, Anand (IRMA) completed its placements for the class of 2012 of the Post Graduate Diploma in Rural Management (PGDRM). A total of 225 offers were made by 65 organisations during the week-long process, of which 105 offers made by 28 companies were accepted. Two students accepted pre-placemen...
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rajgarg IRMA is awesome........visit it once and u will fall in l.... 24 Feb '12.
timeschange Today's The Hindu had this on front page. http://www.the.... 26 Feb '12.
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Try to contact IIM A authorities. They will definitely do the needful. dont worry u will get the call if you are eligible...:) Best of Luck... Cheers:cheers:
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Being physically present in a classroom would soon be a passe for students at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ranchi. As from next year, they would attend virtual classrooms, sitting in their hostels. Lectures will be broadcast live and students would just have to log in through a laptop or PC to attend classes. P...
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fantasticsandip I wonder what will be the next thing on director's list o.... 11 Jan '12.
BearGrylls A PLEA TO IIM RANCHI: (hope i'm heard) Virtual classes i.... 30 Apr '12.
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It is sad to say that you are correct. While it wont be wrong to say that IIMs are also Correct. The admission criteria in someway is a dictated by the industry which wants the awesome looking profiles and they give them premium for the same. Two years in IIMs transforms you to take on the...
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it doesn't matter till you keep on proving yourself. You have to come with strong reason in interview.
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(Photo credit: Kunjan Detroja) You don't have to crack the Common Admissions Test (CAT) in order to experience the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad as a student anymore. The school is auctioning out 'A Day at IIMA' on Ebay, and 50 winners will be given a flavour of life at the b-school on October 8, 2011, co...
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Muniskas This is total BS...it's a school, not a resort ! I think .... 30 Sep '11.
pranav.spjimr After reading all the comments here, there is nothing tha.... 30 Sep '11.
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26th July 2011, I landed in Udaipur with great exuberance and a bit of nervousness. Finally, I got the privilege of being an IIM Student with the burden to perform among the best of brains. I had booked a hotel in Udaipur. After checking in, I went to visit the campus and met the Director and adm...
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you somewhere have to understand that people out here are not the stakeholders in the admission process.
as far as my understanding of criteria s are concern u are eligible for many IIMs, NITIE, MDI, Fore, LBS, IMI, IIFT, SIBM Pune n Bang, SIIB, KJSOM and many more. Your eligibility doesn't gu...
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As an IIM Udaipur student, I would like to tell you that IIM Udaipur will give calls purely on the basis of CAT score. Rest of the criteria doesn't matter until you get the call. And i can assure you that if you get a call and have the capability to convince the interviewer about your candidacy t...
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