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jainjats replied to Equity Markets
Dont u think sitting on 100% cash cud be a lil risky strategy coz u never know where d market wud be headed in coming period.
i know its ur investment and u have a right to make ur own decision , u may reply if u feel the need to do so.
i have posted just for a construct...
jainjats replied to NMIMS Capital Markets-2009 GD/PI shorlist
I have my GD PI on 14th May @ 9 am
jainjats replied to Fore [2009-2011] final results out!
Hi everyone,
I was in 1st waiting list of FORE PGDM. As per the latest results I have been selected. I wont be joining FORE,so good news for people in 2nd waiting list.
jainjats replied to Welingkar 2009 - 2011 aspirants
Hi everyone,
My slot is 3rd May,2.30 PM.......anyone in same slot.
jainjats replied to icfai/ibs refund 2009-11
I have email them about the cancellation of the admission and after few days I called them up to confirm whether the mail have been rcd or not
jainjats replied to NMIMS MBA in Banking,Capital Markets & Actuaria...
Hello Everyone,
I have successfully registered for MBA Capital Markets and deposited the DD personally at NMIMS. Infact I was the first one to deposit the DD .
jainjats replied to icfai/ibs refund 2009-11
Hello Rahul,
I have send my application through Email.
jainjats replied to icfai/ibs refund 2009-11
By processing the operator meant that my fees refund application would be put forward to the committee....
jainjats replied to ifmr 2009 - 2011 final conversion calls out
Hi anyone from Mumbai joining IFMR???.....m from mumbai and would be joining PGDM Regular
jainjats replied to icfai/ibs refund 2009-11
An Update from ICFAI which i got calling up them:
They said that they have received the fee refund request and they would be processing in next few days. I am fine if they take 1 more month but I want the money back .
In the meanwhile all of you who wish to cancel admissio...