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Got an Interview call for Delhi at Dwarka. Panel 1 Time 2.25pm Good luck to all
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Hello Sir,
I had opted for the Offline Evaluation form submission. One of my evaluations was sent by Speed post on October 3rd. I have'nt got any confirmation on the receipt of the same. Does ISB accept evaluation forms only by registered post and do not accept speed post ?
Thank You.
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Hi all, I am army officer planning to apply for ISB...Do u know any ex-army officers who have passed out from ISB?If so please pass on their details...It would be of great help ..Thanks in advance
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Education and Work Ex Background Bsc, Btech in Electronics
Current Occupation completed 20 yrs in the army
Why on PG? Gave GMAT and scored 710 ..here to know more about ISB
Specifically looking for what on PG? Ex Army Officers who are ISB grads
Aim for next one year? Planning to file ...
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