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Hi all !!!
good to see the thread back to life..but unfortunately no more PG meets for me..:(:(:(
but i can always see the videos and the pics and get all the gyan
sandy, thr ll be a bunch of ppl apping with u this time which includes some 750+ scores too .(750,760,770).ALL the best to ...
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who the hell in this world says tht these are disheartening scores.
man ,u r already chasing 51 in quant and with abt 80% accuracy in verbal ,u should somewhr near the 40 mark.
tht makes it a comfortable 740+.
and with a month to go u can easily improve ur accuracy...
i ll suggest bet...
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i think tht u cant take GMAT twice in the same calender month.
since u have already given GMAT in june , so u wont be able to reppear anytime before july.
but i personally feel tht 700 should be good enough as long as ur break up is fine(above 80%tiles) in both.
me too in the same boat d...
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i think the cost of education is the biggest worry for us Indians!!!!!
n u say small things like cost of education !!!
no offences meant against a HBS admit but...???
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hi rachit,
ur location shows bangalore...
i just wonder if the pune guys can really help u.....
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@alok and all the new people in the GMAT business..
A lot has already been talked abt coaching required for GMAT prep in this thread.
different people have different views on this issue.
more importantly, these are the views of the experienced people.,those who have already been thru thi...
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hi sandy
i think tht now ppl are picking up pace for GMAT
august - october has always been the favourite time for GMAT and GRE aspirants.
may be because first deadlines start falling by november- december...
i dunnno y r all those puys gone, who used to post endlessly on this thread.....
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In my opinion,start with kaplan
work on the basics first and then start with OG
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first things first
m no veteran in GMAT field.
u ll find ppl way better than me in the pune thread itself.
they are much more experienced than me..
to name a few- itsrahul,inblue,mukul,govi.....
that is y PG Rocks
basics remain the same
though i have not seen the 2006 edition...
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double post