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Hi admin,
I have few queries regarding admission to XLRI.
Firstly out of the 5 programmes how are general management and business management different from each other.
secondly, I want to ask if the cut off criteria is different for different courses or it remains the same for all and ap...
ExLink General management is a 1 year program aimed at people wi.... 13 Nov '13.
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So,these guys are going to give %ile or not? This is seriously frustating now!
Dante_ftw1 @abhinavrules Mock 3 LR was hellishly tough . 06 Jul '13.
Dante_ftw1 yup thats how it is. So RCs are the linchpin :D . 06 Jul '13.
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Since the prices of mangoes increased by 6.66%, the wholesaler was able topurchase 18 mangoes less in his budget of Rs 864. What is the increased priceof each mangoes?
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N=(7!)^3. how many factors of N are multiples of 10?
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It was the impact of personal events that forced me to translate everything on paper. It was anger, jealousy and bitterness that shaped my narration and sketched extremely complex characters. I shared my pain with them. As my real life situation became more complex, the suffering and bitterness o...
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puys pls suggest.. I have heard a lot about Byju... but im still not sure shud i join or not.. im fr mumbai
ishpan nopes u got to have a basic idea of the concepts if you a.... 13 Jun '13.
ishpan u got to get thorough with the formulas and the basic con.... 13 Jun '13.
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(Photo courtesy: neubie) MBA applicants have more reason to worry this year. If the increasing costs of application, exam fees and tuition of business schools were not enough to break you into a sweat, get prepared to pay atleast 10-15% more for test preparation this year, no matter what part of the country. At Career Launc...
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ishpan in the money making business from the aspirants ...no one.... 09 Apr '13.
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a score of 62.14 in XAT 2013?
are there any chnaces of applying to any collge?
I have a work ex of 2 years
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hi admin,
Need your advice on this:
here are my scores for this year..
QA n DI:64 percentile
VA n LR:55 percentile
OA:58.643 percentile
Do I at all hold a chance of being any of the collges or ut was all in vain?"
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what is the CAT/XAT cut-off for TAPMI...
I know everyone who applied last year..got a call...still what are the preferable percentile in this case