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What was the last year's average gmat score on which GD/PI call was given??
ishaan30 For PGDM-650 For PGDHRM-600 . 25 Oct '13.
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Ask all the queries you have regarding IMI, Delhi over here and get them answered by the current students of the batch. Happy learning !!!
Here are the links for last couple of years threads on IMI Delhi's admission process, to help you get a feel of the process.
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subbu3071988 just want to confirm* . 24 Mar.
Samra90 When dey r goin to declare the final results??? . 07 Apr.
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Hi Admin,I am having a doubt, while filling the admission form under experience it is asking about job profile, so the details should be about work or job designation...????Please reply asap...today is the last day...!! TIA,Tanmay
ishaan30 @UnCharismatic -Write the job description there.U get th.... 14 Oct '13.
ishaan30 @arjrocks235 -Mail your query to admissions@imi.edu, and.... 14 Oct '13.
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Does IMI needs official GMAT score to be sent from mba.com?
ishaan30 @jayesh123 -The GMAT scorcard will be asked from you,as .... 06 Oct '13.
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Dear Admin.......pls answer this.Does IMI DELHI open application window and accept new entries afetr CAT results? I need to know this asap as 15th Oct is the last date to apply.
ishaan30 @seb -This has been the case in the last 2 years, but it.... 06 Oct '13.
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hey..i have filled imi form..i hv applied for pgdm in banking and insurance in delhi campus and 1 more course of pgdm in delhi campus. my total fees came out to be 2500 rs..is dis correct with respect to brochure??brochure says u get a 2500 total wen u apply for pgdm banking and pgdhrm at delhi c...
ishaan30 @yoti -The cut-off last year(the minimum percentile req.... 03 Oct '13.
ishaan30 @yoti -Banking and Insurance has been started this year .... 04 Oct '13.
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as i was filling form . .. it has pgdm and pgdm in banking and insurance .. i would like to know what is the difference b/w the two... and there was also dropdown about HOSTEL.. i want to know .. if in case i dont opt it now .. but request it later at the time admission .. ..will hostel be allot...
ishaan30 @indianpkj -Hey, PGDM(Banking and Insurance) is a new co.... 03 Oct '13.
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To all the MBA aspirants!!:grin:
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Hello all, My acads are not so good it is 70% in 10th, 68% in 12th and 59.3% in B.tech from MDU. So do i have any chance of getting admission in IMI . If i manage to score above 96 or 97 percentile in CAT.Plz reply...
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van-dam @AnujSingla what were the last year cutoffs for 10 and 1.... 30 Sep '13.
AnujSingla @van-dam Last year people with 60% and above in 10th, 12.... 30 Sep '13.
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whats the average fees for masters in IMT .. and do they require any CAT score ... i heard you can also get admission without any CAT exam...
ishaan30 I guess you are talking about IMI Delhi here.. The fee st.... 27 Sep '13.