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Photo credit: Abhishek Kathuroju The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Calcutta closed the summer placement process for the batch of 2011-13 with students getting training projects across 142 companies. Although the placements began as a 5-day process, it switched over to a rolling process owing to it being the bigges...
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ontarget Thread is closed.. So thought i will make a double centu.... 22 Dec '11.
Senorita2012 Great report!. 31 Dec '11.
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Next weekend (June 1 [smiley] , the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad will host a conference to discuss and finalize a common and transparent format for b-schools to report their placements with. IIM Ahmedabad's Placements Chairperson Prof Saral Mukherjee hopes that a standardized process to record and report ...
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shrutin_pg I meant Apurv*. 16 Jun '11.
raj_mohanty @2u.bobby .. While your can be debated, but I never menti.... 17 Jun '11.
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i am in but joining cal
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I called they said no one has come yet........
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AT the time of lucknow results shashank3012 posted the link for the results on PG even before the were announced formally
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Final Placements at Shailesh J Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay culminated with 119 offers from 62 companies for an effective placement batch of 94 students. Procter & Gamble and Deloitte made 7 offers each, ending up to be the highest recruiters. ICICI, Accenture and Yes Bank were the other three among the top 5 ...
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Ri_Ra Deloitte nowadays offer SnO profiles to many colleges. Ma.... 20 May '11.
anonymous [...] source:http://www.pagalguy.com/2011/04/sjmsom-place.... 01 Jun '11.
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The Team at pagalguy
ban me if you want but do give me an oppurtunity to present my case
P.S:i have already edited my post(check time) containing the so called dubious claim.will get back to everyone soon and with proof
Thanking you
P.P.S:My aim wasn't to demean any institute
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Yes Abhishek
you yourself can acquire how much someone from 2008-2010 batch was paid for a final offer from a PSU bank.this guy is based in hyderabad
he is a grade-II officer.
P.S:please let us know when you get the details
any further clarifications only on pm i dont want people to d...
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congrats to you too
MDI is surely a reputed B-school
and i am not defending IIM's. i stated that i am not a student from these colleges only because there was a virtual war going on here
and that instance wasn't a 1-off for that batch (2008-2010)
a considerable chunk of the ...
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yes i do agree immediate salary should not be a concern if you are good enough you will surely get your worth
P.S: personally i not very much inclined towards the money part
PPS: i have edited my post as i got a pm from Mr Abhishek Siingh(MDI) i will repost my claim as soon as i get the lin...
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