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indianaks replied to [2010-2012] IIM Indore Final Results out
I got thru too.
Congrats to all those who converted. :clap:
But I would be joining L.
So waitlist junta, be optimistic. All the best to everyone.
First season:
Converts: IIML, IIMI
indianaks replied to [2010-2012] IIM Lucknow Final Results out
Finally made it.
I am in puys. First IIM convert of my life.
always wanted to use
First season ever (2009) :
Calls : IIML, IIMI
Convert: IIML
Awaited: IIMI
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Hi Puys, here comes my experience. Sorry for posting it late, as I was in a state of coma after the interview as I screwed up everything. :banghead::banghead::banghead:
Venue: administration Staff college, Hyd
Date: 19th April
Time: 2PM slot
X - 88.xx%
XII - ...
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There is a notary advocate who sits in punchaguta. Beside traffic police station. u can get ur afidavit done from there. I got mine from there. quick and easy. 20 mins job.
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X %,Board, year : 88.33% ICSE
XII%, Board, year : 76.8% CBSE
Undergrad Stream: B.Tech. ECE 74.9% CUSAT
Work-Ex: Telecom Software - 43 months
CAT (2009-10):
DI 98.xx
Quant 90.xx
Verbal 96.xx
Aggregate - 98.5
category - GENERAL
Extra acads : dece...
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very true. pls dont take the thread off focus.
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Hey guys, m also targeting GMAT in couple of months. m staying in Madhapur.lets form a study group. give me a call at 9396377151.
indianaks replied to 640 GMAT + 3 yrs experience looking for ISB
mate, ur profile looks pretty common.
applicants with IT background are in plenty.
keep ur fingers crossed and all the best.