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(XLRI Jamshedpur by Anusheel Shrivastava) Jamshedpur-based XLRI School of Business & Human Resources concluded its Summer Internship placements for the batch of 2011-13 with 77 recruiters making a total of 365 offers to a batch of 240 students. Microsoft, ITC, Standard Chartered, Aditya Birla Group and Tata Motors we...
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young_monk ^you will clear it my friend :-) . 21 Nov '11.
wickedjoker @chilledmba & @ great_timer: it means i dont need to .... 21 Nov '11.
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Good to see IIML signing an MoU with a top US B-School (Kelley's)....Great initiative !!! Hope some more biggies are added in the months to come....as it is, Hel(L)s exchange program was amongst the best in the country, and this pact just adds on to that reputation...Way to go !!
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Of course, you can !!!
Atleast that's the case till now, not sure if there are new regulations put in for the batch of 2013...
Lucknow is a foodie's paradise, and there are so many spots within the city, that you might be interested in - that the rule applies only for the non-veggies is an ...
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Concept, illustrations and graphics by Deepak Gopalakrishnan aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaiker who blogs here and tweets here.
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bhumi_sheth ROFL..:D SO TO crack G.D...we need to hav n relationship.... 05 May '11.
leenita amazinnn...........LOL ;) . 28 Sep '11.
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Good that apatchofsnow has posted on this thread..Cos there has not been a single event at the campus, in which he has not left his mark - be it quizzing, marketing events, cultural events, come what may, its 'apatchofsnow' all the way:cheerio:
Other than that, have been sleeping sooooo much, ...
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A thing or two about the weather here....If I were to term it cold, that would be the biggest understatement ever !!!! Its freezing out here, and at temperatures ranging from 8 to 15 degrees, its always necessary that you venture out with your woolen wear on even in the afternoons..Quite a long t...
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Typing this just at the start of the third term for the batch of 2011...
Well, surprising that this thread has been inactive for over three months now...
Term 1 was hectic and during the break, I was of the impression that the most hectic part of the b-school life was over...I could not ha...
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Hi All,
Kudos to Deccan for keeping their nerve and striking when it mattered.... And the team that had been often criticized of throwing away matches they had in their grip, managed to pull back one they almost let go off.....
Deserving Champions !!!
One small doubt - The champions t...
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Is it Winston Davies ? He took 7-51 which were the best figures for a very long time...That name was very popular during the 1999 WC when Brittania gave those cricket booklets - his name was splashed across throughout the book... And somebody who has given 51 runs some 25 years back in an ODI, wo...
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My 2 cents:
Delhi vs Deccan - Based on the perfomances on the field, I would place my money on Delhi.... The form of all its players, and more importantly, the momentum they have now, would take them thru....And do not forget, Deccan Chargers have the knack of losing the matches they have alre...