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1. Name of Institute: FMS
2. Word Limit: 150
3. Question: Discuss your Career Goals (stating in about 150 words), how being at Faculty of Management Studies can help you achieve your goals?
4. Your SOP:
I did my engineering in Production and Industrial Engineering from DCE....
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Picture taken from the XLRI website If it can be called a change, the biggest change in this years Xavier Aptitude Test (XAT) paper will that it will be a do-able paper and the level of difficulty will see a dip. Disclosing this, Xavier's Labour Research Institute (XLRI) Admissions Chairperson Soumendra Bagchi told PaGaL...
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NAMITAGOPAL gud 2 kw dat a b.com girl was a topper...........desperat.... 27 Sep '11.
Jaggs101 This guy Prof Bagchi had taken my intrvw last year .No so.... 20 Nov '11.
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(Original photo credit: Rafael Kage) An often asked question is, "What is the difference between the average CAT student in Verbal Ability and a 99 percentiler in Verbal Ability?" (You will notice that I do not yet say 'an IIM convert' because for every six '99 percentilers' who are interviewed, only one makes it. But t...
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Clopimania Amazing article sir!! Thanks a ton for dis... 06 Jan.
deep535 @guest_writer Thanks a Lot :) . 24 Mar.
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Answer to question 5) is (b) 3/32
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the answer is a) 3/14..
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Sporadic : reaccuring in scattered and irregular or unpredictable instances
Next word : rhapsodic
by the way this is my first post... i hope to have a long and fruitful association with you all pagals..:grin:
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