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Aaah, it's been almost a year for me at TISS now, and it's been a good one!
I didin't even know about TISS when I half-decided to do an MBA...and most B-school aspirants don't. TISS is a niche insti, - only HR, more like a univ. with HR being just another course, M.A. degree - But more or less...
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Well I have been wanting to do this for a long time, so here goes :D
The moment i entered the tiss campus for the gd pi, i knew this was my dream b school. after clearing tiss, mica and ximb and getting a job at google , i made the rather simple choice of joining tiss. here are my impressions ...
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Name : Amit Patnaik
B-School : Tata Institute of Social Sciences
Course & Specialization : Human Resource Management & Labour Relations
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First up, I didn't crack CAT, and to be honest, I am glad i didn't....
First a little bit about me, I am currently in my final year at Hansraj College, DU, studying Physics Hons, I had been a decent student in school, a 60%er till class 10, because i hated maths and hindi, i just didn't like n...
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hey, I from Delhi too!, we can have a dilliwalah tissian meetup, what say?
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i m gettng d message dat i am provisionaly selected, does it mean i am thru?
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Dear Ma'm, My GDPI at MICA is scheduled on 7th April, but I have my university annual examination on the same day, please tell me procedure to get the date postponed. Regards, Amit
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Seniors, could you hazard guesses for the Orissa and Non - Orissa waitlist movements, taking into account your prev. experience, CAT debacle, etc.?, It would be great if someone could get an opinion from the office or faculty...
Im WL 23 (Orissa)
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hey dharam,
ill be honest, i think you did the right thing i the gd....it was getting out of hand, some people were saying we should determine if the employees were stressed, some were jumping to the conclusion that they were, and in no ordered manner either, your effort was much needed man
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Dharma above has pretty much summed up my GD too, i chipped in with the point of conducting an employment survey.
The PI went okay, mostly on my home state and the place i'd be staying in fr the past 10 years, informal queries about physics and why hr stuff.....they semmed fairly satisfied wit...