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what was the avg package offered for communications at simsr?
Hotculture There were other companies like Scarecrow, Everymedia, Pe.... 31 May '13.
Hotculture @hopefull18 - Average Stipend was about 5.5k . 31 May '13.
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Out of 120 seats for PGDM, how many are reserved for linguistic minority?My merit rank is 83 (Open catagory)... can I expect convert?
Hotculture @imvpk - Go Pay the Fees, you are in :) . 12 May '13.
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SIMS Pune or SIMSR? Any opinion? Anyone? Can't decide
Hotculture Please Refrain yourself from asking such questions. 12 May '13.
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off topic ... Whats the dress code in SIMSR?
Hotculture No Shorts allowed, well i am being reasonable as many col.... 12 May '13.
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at merit rank 1443,whre do I stand a chance?I have applied to all teh courses at simsr?Do I stand achance for PGDM-FS/PGDM_RM/PGDM_COMM?
Seniors please do help
Hotculture you might have borderline chance for RM / Comm. 11 May '13.
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@manish.murthy which is the nearest railway station to the college. I am coming from Delhi.
Hotculture Your Train would Stop at Dadar and the Nearest station to.... 11 May '13.
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route from versova (yari road bus station) to simsr????????
Hotculture @sumitg24 - There are quite a few Buses that drpo you qui.... 11 May '13.
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hi everyone......applied for pgdm core and ib.....is it mandatory for me to attend counselling.....even after paying thru "easy pay" option. please reply asap.....need to make travel arrangements. ranked at 552
Hotculture @yo_I_go Yes it is Mandatory . 11 May '13.
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@manish.murthy : I have heard that SIMSR is SAQS accreditated and the process of AACSB and NBA accreditation is going on. Can you throw more light on this?
I would really appreciate if you could tell me more about these applications and the time span which it usually takes for the process to ...
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Hotculture @shrutigupta05 , @Stuppid - Yes SIMSR is SAQS certified a.... 11 May '13.
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@rahul_307Hi Puys! I have converted KJSOM & SIMC-P. I am interested in brand management/account-planning(advertising) profiles and not looking for a regular marketing/sales kind of profile. I k...
Hello Rahul,
you might want to have a look at the PGDM Communications Course dedicated to the Marketing & Advertising World.
FAQ on PGDM Communiations
Why PGDM Communications @ SIMSR?
rahul_307 Thanks @Hotculture . I shall take a call.. 08 May '13.