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A pharmeceutical company made 3000 strips of tablets at a cost of Rs 4800.The company gave away 1000 strips of tablets to doctors as free samples. A discount of 25% was allowed on the printed price. find the ratio of profit if the price is raised from Rs 3.25 to Rs 4.25 per strip and at the latt...
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Homer1 63.5. 6d.
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Remainder of 24^40/75
amritpaul u can have 3 out which is common to Numerator and denomin.... 3d.
mayukhman 51. 3d.
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a container is filled with mixture, 6 part of which are water and 10 part milk. how much of the mixture must be drawn off and replaced with water so that the mixture may be half water and half milk.please explain approach.
Homer1 @mkquantum1 1/5?. 02 Apr.
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I happened to attend a GD-PI session in TestCracker, Bangalore today as I have calls from SP Jain, SIBM-P and the new IIMs. The session was about India's growth/fall story right from GDP to inflation, deflation etc. I am attaching the pdf that was discussed in today's class, Hope it is of some he...
pdf file
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Homer1 can u provide the details....as in the tymings and addres.... 19 Jan.
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Excluding the pros on pagal guy debating whether a 99.5 or a 99.99 is good enough for XLRI,there are perhaps some earthly creatures here too like me .... in that event could these average aspirants come together n shed some light on what are the probable and worthy institutes that may consider a...
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fantastoic @AdityaJJ It boosts the profile. But at the end of the d.... 16 Jan.
AdityaJJ @fantastoic hmm...toh chalo jamshedpur jake panel se baa.... 16 Jan.
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OA - 91.29QA & DI - 96.39VA & LR - 72.24Good acadsGood extra-currWork Exp - 19 months in IT (As of now)
Any chance of good b-schools ? Thx in advance
Homer1 @jaeindia congrats man..what are your scores?. 14 Jan.
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Nmat score-22410th-94.2%12th-97.8%Work ex-13 months in DeloitteMy chances for NMIMS Mumbai campus?
Homer1 @aksdbest bro 97.8 in 12th....charan kaha h apke!!. 13 Jan.
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EKS Ltd. has decided to host an event for the launch of its new product – an enterprise knowledgesolution. On the day prior to the launch, a new software programmer detects a bug in the productand notifies his team leader. The team leader in turn speaks with the product manager and themarketing m...
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President Pranab Mukherjee launched ______, an online collection of Rabindranath Tagore's works
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Number of distinct terms in (a+b+c)^20
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vishal_29 And the award for the person with the most humility goes .... 12 Dec '13.
ondunderneath1 231 a rha h, what is OA? . 12 Dec '13.