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What about the hybrid cars which were supposed to have hit nations in order to cut-down on dependency on Oil n natural gas.
Also, I remember reading article in TOI which mentioned that technology to extract energy from Water existed way back in 70-80's and a certain german engineer had worked...
Homer replied to Career Launcher Mock Cat 4
Good Score Orca,
Another beating taken by me in this Mock cat....Here is the performance. Was struggling with QA and RC...anyway my overall score is 41.4. Cleared only DI cut-off.
ATB for mC-5.
Homer replied to Time Speed Distance - Questions & Discussions
We may not have to calculate at all.....If lcm of 15,16,17,18,19 be K then A=K-2
and B=K is the other number.
Obviously the HCF of A and B also must be present in their difference A-B i.e K-(K-2).
Hence the HCF 2 (as K is definitely even and so is K-2)
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Very true...one can get down and feel out at times like these.
To improve attempts : Guess need more practise....to identify better questions and
at the same time handle stress....anything missing from the list ?
Easier said than done though!!:smile:
ps : how were you managing 97-99 ...
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Hi Junta,
Thought of asking people who are taking tests of 2 or more institutes ...
Kindly post your views about the level of difficulty of each of these tests.
Heard Aimcats are tougher than simcat and cl mocks...any other institutes...like PT,Career Forum??
On a scale of 1 to 5 ( 1-...
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Me too screw*d my chances big big time with sad performances in RC-VA/DI
Even though RC/DI were on the easier side...RC-VA definitely not CAT std and here
i find self not clearing cut-offs
Section/Attempts/Correct /Net
Rc-VA 23 / 18 / 16.6 sad.
DI 17 /10 / 8.3 very sa...
Homer replied to uncommon hobbies anyone?
I used to have this hobby of collecting kites back when i was a lil boy...
would catch all kinds - even if they were torn or useless.
Liked to collect them for their colours and designs and shapes....extent of madness was that i would sometimes pull the string of a kite flying by and snap...
Homer replied to Time Speed Distance - Questions & Discussions
Dude...not a good idea to spam threads out of sheer desperation...post in relevant threads.
solution posted here for same problem
Homer replied to Suresh's Corner: Miscellaneous Questions From Q...
Questions of these types have been solved previously but here goes my solution anyways....hope i won't be sued for plagiarizing the diagram as follows : )
Sol 4 : X-------------------M----------N--------------------Y
start ----> end
M is 1 hour away from start X after which the train sta...
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After travelling 1/3rd distance - 2/3rd distance is left say 2/3*D.
3/4th of 2/3*D is nothing but D/2 which the lad covers in 5 mins.
Therfore the whole distance is covered in 10 mins.
Assuming speed remains constant throughout...1/3*D is covered in 1/3rd of 10 mins.
i..e. 3 mins 20 s...