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Welcome to the PaGaLGuY B-school Rankings 2011, the guide to India's Most Preferred B-schools in its 4th edition. As many of you tracking our rankings since 2008 might have noticed, each year we have been experimenting with the various possibilities our CommunityRank methodology could throw up --- while ensuring that the pr...
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Apurv @s_vivek777 - Great idea. And I think it will start a new.... 19 Jun '11.
anonymous [...] the CAT examination. When I came out of the exam ce.... 12 Mar '12.
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A classic error that judicial courts are prone to is one where the paranoia over not allowing criminals to be let off the hook results in a lot of innocent people being put to trial. Statisticians call this unintentionally increasing 'type 1' errors (false positives) in the pursuit of reducing 'type 2' errors (false negativ...
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atit it is a good move but should be brought in carefully... .... 12 Feb '11.
richa1234 Hi guys! the recent AICTE guideline which deprives studen.... 12 Feb '11.
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What is common between the following people and their Xavier's Admission Test (XAT) 2011 scores? (Their XAT 2011 IDs are given inside the brackets.) CR Mahesh (XAT441916) VA - 99.07 QA - 99.97 RA - 97.2 Overall - 99.99 N Vijay Bhasker Reddy (XAT448096) QA - 88.99 VA - 99.97 RA - 97.64 Overall - 99.97 Saket Sau...
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kanishka007 Names are again removed by XLRI.. really awesome work for.... 11 Feb '11.
anon15 Hi I am a XAT 2012 aspirant and was going through the p.... 19 Dec '11.
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For benefit of all people I am writing the proof of the 5 mark (9+45) Question.
(9+45)^48 = + f.
(9+45)^48 (9-45)^48 = 1.
( + f) (9-45)^48 = 1.
x(9-45)^48 = 1.
So we have to prove that (9-45)^48 = 1-f so that x(1-f) =1.
Now, (9+45) ^48 + (9-45) ^48 = 2(9^48 + __) = Even Integer...
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It's 5:59:59 PM! So as promised, presenting the feature we talked about - PaGaLGuY's own weekly comic strip, "Mind your Business, Anna!" (MBA!) (to be pronounced with a South Indian twist to your tongue). The 'Group Discussions and Personal Interviews' system at Indian b-schools make for perhaps one of the fastest admission...
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Next_Stop_IIM he he he... hilarious..... 27 Mar '10.
anuragbaveja Chuck chuck Chuck !!!. 22 Apr '11.