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I just wanted to put in a post to re-iterate what Anil said. I have been wanting to comment on the quality of posts on this thread for some time now but I haven't done so coz I am a newbie and haven't really contributed anything so I didnt think it would be right of me to judge. But now I really ...
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Oh yes cooldexter - this 'freezing employment' is another big problem in many cos-specially the bigger ones. They do take students for internship but dont hire them later coz they are not increasing their head count. These students get left in the large. This problem affects the Americans as well...
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At this point, the economy as such is down in the US. Though things are picking up now, Americans(even ones from HBS) are still finding it **not so easy** to find jobs. But yes, it definitely is tougher for Asians.
For one, there is this whole outsourcing lash. Americans figure that with all ...
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In a distance learning course, you'll get study material by post and will be rquired to go someplace to give exams once a semester. As far as I know, you wont have to attend any classes. So interaction with other students is at a minimum.
In a part time MBA, you'll be required to attend evenin...
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Phoebe's sisters name - Ursula
Rachel worked in - Blooming Dales
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From google.
Nowadays, almost any google query regarding CAT or any other MBA related exam shows up a pg.com thread! Good Work!
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While we are at it - ne idea how ICFAI Gurgaon is? One of my friends has got waitlisted for Gurgaon - any inputs would be highly appreciated.