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Hi, Whats your profile ?
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Hi guys,
Just a small question. I am going to write my gmat this feb. CMU Tepper fee for 2 years stands close to 70 lakhs. How are you guys planning to finance such a huge amount ? Most of the US B schools charge high. Is there something which can be done or is it that only I am getting nervou...
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Hello Sir,
I have won a couple of awards at my workplace. But they have been acknowledged through emails and rewards points and not through paper certificates. Would this be a problem because we are required to show certificates of our accomplishments during our interview ?
Thanks in advance !
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Lets start a study group for Chennai GMAT aspirants. PM me if you are interested
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I go with E, semi colon correctly indicates an independent clause.
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Hi guys..
Is anyone in from Chennai ? Please let me know so that we can form a study group.
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Hey guys,
Just a small clarification here. You say that your managers were not aware that you had applied. But you would have obviously got recommendations from them for applying to ISB right ? Wouldnt they have guessed at that time itself? How can they now know ?
I am just confused because...
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Count me in guys...planning to give GMAT around July. My profile :
Female : 3.5 years in IT, excellent academics, ok ECs..
Please post your study strategies here so that we all can follow up
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Nice to see a thread encouraging women to pursue their MBA. I am 23, working as a software engineer in QA, total of 2 years of experience,
Xth - 80.4%
XIIth - 96.06%
B.E - CGPA 8.99/10
I will be giving GMAT this October. Extra curriculars are ok. I have a doubt. Would s...
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My take 'A'
B is out because 'also' and 'as well' are redundant
D is out because the sentence is broken
E doesnt logically frame the entire sentence
I was confused between A and C, finally decided on A since it sounds more correct ( 'increasing as well' in A sounds more appropriate th...