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X: 91.18%(TN Matriculation Board), 2004.
XII: 93.91% (TN State Board), 2006.
UG: B.E. ECE (CIT, Coimbatore), 2006-2010.
UG aggregate: 8.66(CGPA)
CAT 2010:
QA: 95.XX
DI: 96.XX
VA: 82.XX
Overall: 96.98
Category : NC-OBC
Work Ex: 10 Months in Cognizant
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X- 91.18% TN Matric 2004
XII- 93.91% TN State Board 2006
UG- BE(ECE), CIT, Coimbatore. 2006-2010 CGPA - 8.66
Work ex - 10 Months in cognizant.
CAT 2010 : O-96.98 (QA-95.XX,DI-96.XX,VA-82.XX)
Category: OBC-NC
Calls - BCLISRanRoRaiT
Converts - LISRanRoT
Joining - L
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I have converted IIM Ro,Ra and T.
But got rejected by IIM Rp
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Yeah...i m facin t same issue... Didn receive any mail.... But t msg from t link say i m thro...
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I got thro Very happy 2 convert
Wont be takin up.... Joining IIM L:cheerio:
All the best Puys:thumbsup:
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Got thro
Happiest moment of my life!!!!
Definitely joining
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gauthamcit replied to [2011-2013] IIM Shillong Call Getters Discussion
Received the below mail.
Congratulations. You have been selected for admission to the Post Graduate Programme at IIM Shillong (Batch 2011-13).
This offer is subject to fulfillment of the other requirements. We would announce the details of the offer acceptance requirements on the 25th Apr...
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Go through post 53 in this thread.
There is a guy who was placed in w/l 26 under obc category and also in w/l 3 in general. He had secured more than the general category pre GDPI ...
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AFAIK if an OBC candidate scores higher than the general category pre Essay/PI score cutoff and also score higher than the final cutoff for general category, he/she will be given admission under general category.
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IIM B results will also be announced on 18th April.
Check out
PGP 2011-13 Results | Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
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