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hey DG congrats on gettin into IIMC
will read "DesiGuru Bags 2 crore salary" in the newspapers two years later!
best of luck for your classmates though
i am an engineer myself . but the point is the non engineers put equal if not more efforts in CAT , and if they have the aptitude t...
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i guess the process is pretty predictable . heres what i think on the discussion happening here:
Blame yourself : i guess alot of ppl are blaming the coaching classes for their training on GD/PI. but then nobody has the guts to miss such trainings! Even i had attended the IMS achievers session...
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thanks pagals! i am IN
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most ppl are saying XL but i would go for MDI. why?
MDI has been around for a long time! they have trained alot of officials from various companies and in 1992 (i guess) they started with their PGP programme. so even if the programme is new , the intellectual captial is pretty much there as wi...
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why dont the moos i mean mods close this thread?
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why is sri sri ravishankar (of art of living fame ) called sri sri?
is sri his first name ?
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aage kya hua?
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keep a copy of your first and last salary slips ready!
bonded labor sucks!
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i dont think they can implement the reservation from this year bcoz its not stated in the CAT brochure that reservation would be 49.5%
if they do implement it , then that would be illegal as the students had attempted CAT under the impression that the reservation is 22.5%.
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