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Mr R Gopalakrishnan Mr R Gopalakrishnan, fondly called Gopal, has spent a good 45 years in the corporate world. This includes 31 years at Hindustan Unilever and the last 14 years at Tata Sons, where he is serving as Director. A product of St. Xavier's College, Kolkata, Mr Gopalakrishnan is also an author and has written t...
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G_Ranjith Gopal had come to SJMSoM last year to deliver a talk on h.... 30 Jul '13.
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Deepak Gopalakrishnan is a cartoonist from Mumbai. Catch all his cartoons and work here, and follow his tweets here.
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G_Ranjith who says thr IS a south mumbai club as such in any b-scho.... 08 Jan '13.
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Prof Raj S Dhankar, Dean, Faculty of Management Studies, New Delhi (Photo Credit: Astha A) PaGaLGuY.com spoke to the dean of the Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi University (DU), Prof Raj S Dhankar, to know his thoughts on critical issues such as the need for infrastructural additions, admissions through CAT ...
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dark_lord13 what FMS wants in grads-arts-50%,science &comm-55;% a.... 13 Mar '13.
ahivarn @mindykapoor Actually the Dean is right. After all the se.... 26 Mar '13.
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All information disseminated by government-owned educational institutes such as the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) or the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) must be automatically trustworthy because public institutions don't need to market themselves, so goes the popular belief. It is only the private in...
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jain_ashu @Devilishangel... I sure hope not. When I was researching.... 20 Mar '13.
mission.og lol. 6d.
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How abt paying the 1st sem fee urself and applying for the loan in nov wen u need to pay the 2nd sem fees? U ll be saving the EMIs of ~4months on 2.25L(jul-nov). I am actly planning to do the same. Since I have already paid 2.25L b4 17th May(it was mandatory for me to do so), I wud not have to pa...
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I belong to OBC category... I just wanted to find some puys who wud be joining SJMSoM. Are u also 1 among those?
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hi puys
anyone out thr from hyderabad/ bangalore who is gonna join SJMSOM? I require some info..wud be really helpful if u cud pm me.Thanks in advance
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I am also in for Sunday :)....
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anyone who got a convert from IIT-B and gonna join... have some doubt reg the fee payment..PM me if thr is any...Thanks in advance
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Apologies for spamming here..I have found the right thread and posted this query there:)