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if you wanna give GMAT in 2009 (did i hear it right?!) then just sit back and relax now!:)
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Though Kelley is appealing, 100% tution aid and $600/month stipend by Penn State is too good an offer to miss goin with that.
JuicyGMAT at fUNNAN.com
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Hi Guys
Last September i gave the GMAT and scored 760(Q49,V45). Ive penned down all info i have gathered over the year about GMAT, school selection, admission procedures etc. I hope its of some use to you. In case you have doubts, leave a comment, I'll be glad to clear them for you.
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Guess they are gonna postpone the admission decision deadline!
This has been one loooong wait !
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Relax... I gave my intw on the same day... 20th Dec... still waiting for a decision mail...
Whats ur profile?
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Help guys...
I had completeed my application to Ohio just before the Nov15 deadline. When i check my application status today, it says:
Received Date: NOVEMBER 14, 2006.
Your application is in the process of evaluation. The following...