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L rocks !!
Who wants to sleeep !!
4 4
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Speculation has always been so damn intriguing and fascinating. Its ok dude!!!
Carry on....!!!! SPECULATE ...ANALYSE...DEBATE!!
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Hey people///
For all those in the waitlist..hwere is last year's stats..
First waitlist ..all of it got cleared. there was a second waitlist also. not sure how they have gone about it this time. How many initial calls. if the first waitlist is way upto 240.......chances are still there tht...
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No thts not the case. The waitlist is in order of merit and you have to wait till the people highr in that list either join or vacate seats and seats are left at the end of it.....
The problem is that, the people up in the list donot opt out as the results of GD/PI of other IIMs comes a little...
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Hi All !
Not to disapponit the waiting junta..But the wait will be longer than the tentative dates for results declaration. Simply because the first list that L comes out with doesnt have many people who actually join L. And L is conservative in terms of coming out with waitlists. They have ha...
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I agree with Evan. Most answers to such questions are met with.."Thats really cliched !"
The Proffs know that u are not supposed to know 25 yrs down the line stuff. I still havent been able to figure out 'why' they care to ask that.
From last year's trend, such questions with probable clich...
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The initial one week or so is same (mumbai) for all i guess. then we go to our respective locations.
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i was about to answer a query but saw tht its already been taken care of by evan.
not much of activity on this thread....
Sad. it was better last year. What say giri?
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ooops i meant ruler not calci
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No u r not allowed a calci. Its specifically mentioned. try using the edge of the omr sheet in place of ruler for the DI.
All the very best!!!