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I converted at 90%ile at a fairly later stage, I had given a decent interview, the calls to Udaipur and Trichy are testimony and my profile is very average, 10-75%, 12-61% and Engg. was 7.92 then.
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An institute of the Fading brand of IIMs...largely represented and lead by the impotent Ranchi...I was frustrated and i wanted to avoid writing this but futile to keep this opinion aside...These bunch of IIMs except trichy are a pathetic bunch of disgusting institutes taking in some of the best s...
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eshansett replied to FMS GDPI Shortlist- Batch of 2014
Where Can i get last year's pdf?
eshansett replied to FMS GDPI Shortlist- Batch of 2014
What's the weightage like in FMS?...i got to hear 70% on CAT and 30 equally divided between GD PI Extemp...but 70% weight on CAT score or percentile...if it's score...for the category students...a 78%iler will never be able to match a 99%iler or even a 95%iler score...even if the 78 guy gets 30/3...
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eshansett replied to [2012-2014] FMS Delhi GD-PI Experiences
GD TOPIC: Uneducated and Unskilled Population are a Liability to the nation...
There were 3 panelists:
L: for panelist to my left, a very gently ma'm.
C: A stern but extremely polite ma'm.
R: A silent prof. who examined the entire interview
For starters,the GD went about fine but ...
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Super is one word as far as the experience goes...My friend Sabhari has already elaborately spoken about what the process and it was a xerox procedure for the rest of us...NO QUESTIONS IN PI.
SOme tips for Puys:
Be very very sharp in Case Study analysis...coz thats the only place where we g...
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eshansett replied to IIT Roorkee 2012-2014 GDPI call getters
anyone starting from Chennai GT Exp on the 14th of March for the 17th march FN slot????
eshansett replied to IIT Roorkee 2012-2014 GDPI call getters
dude me from chennai but the issue is my slot is on 17th morning 8:30...
eshansett replied to [2012-2014] SIBM Pune Final Results and Related...
The first interview of my b school career and a convert it is!!!! But not sure if i can produce the stipulated amount in the stipulated time!!! Need the seniors help here!!! Art!!!
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eshansett replied to GD/PI Shortlist,VGSOM,IIT Kharagpur [2012-2014]
in at 95.03...Looks like they are checking something about the essay or may be profile based to an extent...I consider this call really precious given the amount of info and writing they extracted for the application...3x500 word essays...seniors best positioned to advice on this!!!
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