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Well, If someone get's an invite please send me one as well at gauravsurana21@yahoo.com
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Hi kush I am from 2003 batch and I think you are from 2004 batch. There is another Prod guy from my batch who is going to be at NM.
Neerav, we will wait till 5:30. Bye.
See you all folks tomorrow
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Congrats and welcome Kehur
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After a lot of deliberation I have decided to go in for 6610. Jass,after reading your post I have decided to not consider c-100.
Now I am thinking about which prepaid card to buy? Any idea which has the most workable(and cheap) features in Mumbai?
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sanda, read the previous posts c-350 is not very recommended since it's very slow in processing.
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theking, you are right X-100 is great and has a larger screen and has a huge amount of memory and also MMS but... and it's a huge but - it doesn't have an IrDA port nor is a data cable available for it. SO what will i do with so much of space? I don't think too many people are going to send me ...
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crusoe, thanks. Will try to get hold of an unbranded data cable.
uRmad, I guess IrDA inm Samsung Mobiles is pure novelty. Anyway Someone in the start had posted that c-100 has some software glitches. Did you encounter any such problem? And for what price you got the cable?
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First of all welcome to all new entrants.
Umm. We are discussing a lot of the meet and coming with newer and newer options. So let's just meet a little early say 4.30/5 p.m. at NMIMS and then decide where to go. We should be able to come to conclusion in 10-15 mins and can go to that place eve...
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Congrats pecking
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Just because you don't like something and are weak in a sectin does not meant that it is bad. If there is a SMET it will most probably have a GK section.