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Here's a line up of all the exciting on-campus events at MICANVAS 2005 (Oct 21-23). The three days are packed with action - Simulation Games, Workshops, Discussions, Informals and Live Performances.
Simulation Games
Nash it Out : The Voltas Game Theory Simulation
"Nash It Out" is a game...
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Hi all
Do log in to www.mica-india.net/canvas for the first wave of online events starting tomorrow (September 12) at 9 p.m. For the whole week we'll have games, quizzes and contests that challenge creativity.
Registrations for MICANVAS are open. All PGites from the invited colleges are wel...
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Hi all...
Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad brings to you its Annual Brand Management Festival - MICANVAS.
MICANVAS this year is scheduled for October 21, 22 & 23 - 2005.
Its got all the elements of a B-School fest, and a little bit more, which makes it one of a kind. MICA i...
pdf file
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The are some posts which aren't even worth replying to but I still will, because YES, the people who have posted on this thread have taken insti-bashing to new depths. It is slanderous the way you, that NSIT guy and some others have been harping about backdoor entry. You have a right to demand tr...
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Congratulations to all those who have finally made it. Those who didn't - tough luck. You've probably realised that wanting something badly isn't enough to get you that. Takes a little bit more than that.
I'm sure the batch that's coming in will be a rocking one... barring a few exceptions......
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Please don't walk into thread just like that and start commenting - not just about an insti, but about its students. You could do your research before you question people who know a lot more about the place than you do. There has been a lot of discussion about MICAns in industry on various other ...
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Facts for you to ponder over:
>> The first batch of PGPCM from MICA passed out in 1996.
Rama Bijapurkar is Batch of 1977 at IIMA
Jagdeep Kapoor is a 1983 passout and set up Samsika in 1994.
>> The creatives in an agency tend to grab much more limelight than the servicing/planning folk...
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Yep, the classrooms, the hostels, the canteen, the library - they're all Wi-fi hotspots... you'll definitely need a wi-fi enabled lappy.
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hey prad... cool. u're in bombay too...
will be a hyd reunion of sorts.
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A lot of you have PMed me about laptop info. In a hurry now... so I'll just post basic details.
Negotiations with dealers for your batch are still on. The deal offered to us was:
Toshiba Satellite A 50
Windows XP Professional
Pentium M Processor / Intel Centrino
256 MB RAM
30 G...