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Its been a while,
a while since i tapped on these keys (one year to be exact)
ok, lets cut the bad poetry bit, it was pure inertia coz of which i didnt post nothin here.
but now the valiant efforts of euphoria and shivanku have led me to post finally.
also it is the final day of our ...
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dream_on replied to IMI Delhi Batch of 2006-08
i've got some suggestions.
1) can we, i.e the entire imi batch of 2008 on pg take a collective decision not to respond in anyway to such dubious/maligning/imi vs imt/ inciting posts by people who anyway dont have much reason to be in this thread.
2) if anyone asks for advise in choosing...
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what is going on here?
serialkisser dude/dudette, creating confusion and slandering is not the the only way you can display your intellectual acumen.
i'm sure you're a fun person and we'd appreciate if you play it straight.
otherwise if u continue with your predictably worthless post...
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i believe only a person of extraordinary capabilities and luck can hope to justify the post of a country like India. coz this crown sure has its thorns....
and all the PM's we've had till now, have only proven to be susceptible to the twists and turns of politics. notables being
Mrs Indira...
dream_on replied to Ads you HATE!
has anyone seen the idea woman's card ad...
well, the concept and look no doubt is fresh, but the ending of the ad spot leaves a bad taste in mouth.. what with the supposed new age gal again asking "dad could u pick me up" in a mock child tone.
somehow it dilutes the spirit of their ad ca...
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hi nidz, been a long time since i posted, but i felt it was my moral duty to reply ...
u see, actually the lush green cover is just a form of visual hallucination which which is used to sterilize the building against prying eyes of the world. actually, the campus is a super secret experiment t...
dream_on replied to Eating Out!!
wow an urban dhaba legend
waise me being new to this thread would like to add my 2p about the food joints i dig....
chandni chowk at banglore (kewl deco and ambience; the food takes ages to arrive)
chandni chowk - the real one and almost all the parantha and lassi type joints in it <...
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on a lighter vein, i would like to quote Freud'
" if youth knew, if age could!"
pun intended shivanq, and our esteemed seniors
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i second that. also this same post appears in the imt thread too. so whats the point in posting the same thing in every thread
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hi euphoria,
yes u're right, the delhi- punjabi junta seems to be hibernating. though i'm sure all this stored up energy will be unleashed once we are let inside the gates of imi on 18th. hope the walls are strong