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Puys we are back and how [smiley]
This time its going to be better than ever before
The Dreams Teams are back with its share of great competitions and unlikely heroes sharing the centre stage with the all time greats
Now that I've been given the responsibility to bring open this year's...
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HaPpY B'dAy
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What happened to the 4th of July meet??
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doc looks like you've been thoroughly grilled :-P..hope your first day @ work was nothing less than awesome...colour kab change ho raha hai
Great interview..err rather interviews...:thumbsup: to both PP and SGS
Me too would love to see Apurv getting grilled
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will be there for the 4th of July meet :-P
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My turn to ask questions
First I'll start with some common (for both) questions
Q. Was it always MBA...or you wanted to pursue some other profession which is yet to become a reality?
Q. Difference between the friends you made on and off PG (just MBA aspirant, student or grad wont do).
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First and foremost how can any institute promise you with a certain score..its absolute impossible...even I was associated with a GMAT training organisation and as far as I think its absolutely impossible to promise you with any score...Are you talking about Mr. Shyam Bahadur?? As far as I know h...
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HaPpY BiRtHdAy AmRin
HaVe A BlAsT
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HaPpY BiRtHdAy
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