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hi andy_jaan
there are many yahoo hater sites which will offer you booters for free.
just google as booter and or Yahoo booter / proxy cracker etc and you will get everything you need to hack into anyones yahoo account.
but the booter itself is a virus like thing which may cos problems t...
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Hi all
count me in for Web 2.0 discussions.
i own a domain name , and have good experience of phpbb,wordpress,joomla,phpizabi,mediawiki many CMS ....
started one website, worked for 1 year got more than 3500 users earned 400 $ and lost everything.
some one (i know very well whos that)...
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hi guys.
from long time i was thinking about it.
Can we have a Wiki at PG ?
The Media Wiki is open source and once we get it installed on the servers all the users of PG can contribute to it.
I can put the details about what i have in my mind but only if you support me.
just an Ide...
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Thanks all !!!
Mahip do try that Search Engine
and all can put it on their blog or web site.
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Hi all
I have created a Pagal Search Engine by using Google coop.
Try it here
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forgot to tell you that it will load the latest thread updates to the link list.
for now iGoogle is showing this thread on the list.
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Hi all
If you guys have checked iGoogle then do one more thing.
click on add tab and search for MBA tag.
you will get a new tab having PaGaLGuY Forums tag.......
[embedded image]
PG Rockxxxx
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hi alll :d
i am here just to support bonddonraj.
i used to read his posts and i think he is a great guy.
Read this
thanks bond for those inspiring articles.
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The main problem is he did not study well.
we told this thing to him but he is talking about the girl only.
hey i discussed with him and we have plan to talk with the girl if they make any thing out of that then that is ok.
if not then i cant help any more.
last night we had th...
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hi guys
how you doing Pranav...gaurav.... and smilingtears......
i am back with one problem.
This my frds problem...
we are trying to help him since last one year but he not ready to accept th things and the problem is getting more complicated.
he is in love with a girl. he never ...