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anyone taking CFA Level 2 in June 2009...
where can i find schweser study material?
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jethlia bhaii... hum bhijwa de books aapke liyee
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for Equity research.. u shud go 4 CFA... sector is dependent on the co. u go in and their requirements and ur work exp (if at all)...
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if u register arnd oct-nov 08 for june 09, fees is around $950.
material will be sent by the CFA institute. else u can buy the schweser notes which are widely available in all cities. they are around 6-7 books....
level I paper is decent... not very tough if u have some background of finance..
doomed replied to Admission Queries for MBA @ IITK
remember one thing..
you might be asked technical questions inviolving practical applications. The whole idea behind it is to check your logic and approach. you see the whole point of being in IIT is that they teach you how to THINK and be LOGICAL....
so just be logical in your approach a...
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doomed replied to Admission Queries for MBA @ IITK
My PI Experience goes like this:
There were 3 interviewers. I was first asked to introduce myself and explain my job profile/responsibilties. Some counter questioning in that, as they were impressed with it (probably!!!! ;-)). Why MBA was the next obvious question. I linked up my current work ...
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All waitlisters who r keen on joining on IIT K.... many candidates who had paid up @ IIT K, later got their waitlist converted at IIT KGP.... there are a couple of them in the orkut community as well. u could more of them on PG..
you guys could request them to drop in a mail to IIT K pp...
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wats d duration of the courses in most univ for msf and mfe?? i guess its arnd 12-15 months for both the courses..
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could someone please tell me about MS Finance. how is it diff from MFE..
also, do universities accept GMAT scores for MS Finance?
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do we have any yahoo group for those who have got admits this year?
all those planning 2 join - we could team up and buy laptops in bulk.